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Sorella Facial Nectar


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A blend of oil essences combine for a nourishing herbal oil that’s suitable for all skin types. This toning and hydrating oil can be used as a regular moisturizer, serum or an occasional cleanser.

What does it do?

Skin appears deeply nourished and regenerated

Restores hydration

Nourishes environmentally damaged skin barrier

Can be used as a cleanser or moisturizer

How do I use it?

Apply 2-3 drops to face and neck with circular motions. Use as a moisturizer, serum or cleanser as needed.








Preventative Aging


Jojoba Oil: A rich source of fatty acids that moisturizes while balancing natural oil levels.

Rice Bran Oil: High concentrations of vitamin E and antioxidants nourish and moisturize with quick absorption.

Crambe Seed Oil: This ultra-light moisturizing oil has a strong concentration of omega fatty acids that renew the lipid layers of the skin.

Rosehip Oil: Extracted from seeds of a rose bush in South America, this ancient remedy has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, hydrating and tightening properties.

Rosemary Leaf Extract: Hail Rosemary! This all-around amazing extract is a powerful antioxidant that provides an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and clarifying boost.

Citrus Fruit Oil: Fresh squeezed antioxidants and vitamin C brighten the skin.